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Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Brands in Germany


Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Brands in Germany

2024-02-29 16:53:51

Germany is renowned for its engineering excellence and meticulous craftsmanship, qualities that extend into the kitchen. When it comes to kitchen sinks, stainless steel is favored for its durability, ease of maintenance, and timeless appearance. Below, we explore the top 5 stainless steel kitchen sink brands based in Germany, highlighting their unique attributes and contributions to the market.


Location: Oberderdingen, Germany

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 1925

Number of employees: 1,500

Main product: Kitchen sinks

Other products: Taps, waste separation systemsasd (1)742

Brand Summary: Blanco is a leader in the production of high-quality kitchen sinks, recognized for their innovation and precision in design. Their sinks are a staple in homes and businesses seeking durability and style.

Website: https://www.blanco.com/us-en/


Location: Bad Säckingen, Germany

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 1911

Number of employees: 9,000 worldwide

Main product: Kitchen systems

Other products: Cooking appliances, coffee systems

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Brand Summary: Franke holds a prestigious reputation globally for their comprehensive kitchen solutions that include state-of-the-art sinks, designed to enhance the culinary experience.

Website: https://www.franke.com/us/en/home.html


Location: Guangdong Province

Company type: Private

Year founded: 2023

Number of employees: 100+

Main product: Customizable stainless steel kitchen sinks

Other products: Faucets, bathroom sinks

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Brand Summary: Meiglow is distinguished for its excellent customization options, offering functional and stylish sinks that suit specific business needs.

Website: https://www.meiglow.com/


Location: Regen, Germany

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 1924

Number of employees: 400+

Main product: Granite kitchen sinks

Other products: Stainless steel sinks, taps

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Brand Summary: Schock invented the granite sink and continues to innovate in the sink industry. Their stainless steel options offer sleek designs and superior quality, backed by decades of expertise in sink manufacturing.

Website: https://www.schock.de/deu_de


Location: Nordhorn, Germany

Company type: Distributor and Manufacturer

Year founded: 1952

Number of employees: 150+

Main product: Kitchen accessories

Other products: Sinks, lighting, ventilation systems

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Brand Summary: Naber is known for their innovative kitchen accessories and a wide array of functional stainless steel sinks that suit modern and traditional kitchens alike.

Website: https://naber.com/en/

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