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Zhongshan Meigaolong Precision Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2023 in Zhongshan City, Guangdong, is a high-tech enterprise excelling in the premium hardware industry. With a 2000 square meter state-of-the-art facility, we specialize in innovative manufacturing of stainless steel products and kitchen essentials. Serving a global market, we emphasize customization, quality, and advanced technology, ensuring each product uniquely meets our clients' diverse needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adherence to top-tier standards and certifications, making us leaders in precision manufacturing.
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Product features/advantages




The basin, also known as the bowl, is the central part of the sink where dishes are placed for washing. Basins come in various depths and sizes, and a sink may have single or multiple bowls depending on the design.

2Drain Holesnc

Drain Hole

The sink drain hole is located at the bottom of the basin. The drain hole is where the water exits the sink. It is designed to connect seamlessly with the plumbing underneath the sink.

3Faucet Holes0tw

Faucet Holes

These are pre-drilled holes designed to accommodate various faucets. The number of holes can vary depending on the faucet configuration.

4Overflow Holevw4

Overflow Hole

This safety feature in some sinks helps prevent water from spilling over the top of the sink bowl gets too full.

5Bowl Radius7ds

Bowl Radius

MEIGLOW design ensures that the stainless steel sinks corner are doing perfect, which helps in preventing the accumulation of debris and simplifies maintenance, while still contributing to the sleek, contemporary appearance of the sink

6Mounting Optionsnhq

Mounting Options

These refer to how the sink is installed. Top-mount sinks, or drop-in sinks, have a rim on the countertop. Undermount sinks are mounted underneath the counter, offering a sleek and seamless look.



 This is the edge of the sink that rests on the countertop in a top-mount setup. It supports the sink's weight and creates a seal with the countertop.

8Sound-dampening Padsdwx

Sound-dampening Pads

Often found on the underside of the sink, these pads reduce the noise of utensils hitting the sink or water splashing on the sink surface.

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